Bank Account Opening Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centers in the world, which makes it an ideal place for investment, starting businesses and bank account opening.

Why you should set up a Hong Kong business bank account? -

  • There are no restrictions on foreign exchange and funds transfers
  • Bank accounts can be easily managed via internet banking or mobile apps
  • Excellent reputation of the Hong Kong financial infrastructure
  • Ease of getting trade finance

Opening business bank accounts is more complicated than opening a personal account. Due to the ever-enhancing Anti-Money Laundering policies (AML) and Know-Your-Client (KYC) requirements over recent years, the application process can be hindered if the applicant is not well prepared.

For company bank account opening in HK, clients should ensure they are 100% prepared to increase the chances of a successful application. For example, a company applicant should be ready to answer the below questions: -

  • Detail description of your business nature and its country of operations (i.e. location of suppliers & buyers)
  • Business activities proof related to the same industry from previous tracked records (i.e. former companies/employer)
  • Source of fund proof – where did your initial investment money coming from?
  • Source of wealth proof – where did you generate your wealth to start this business?

KernelBiz’s expert Hong Kong bank account opening services can assist our clients with every step of in preparing for an application with the bank, prior to meeting with bankers in Hong Kong.

Whether you are looking to register a new local limited company in Hong Kong, or a company that is based in another country but has a place of business in Hong Kong, we can help with business bank account opening services to suit your needs. Our consultants are specialists in the HK business banking sector with decades of experience.

For more information about Hong Kong bank account opening service, please contact us via our phone number at (852) 2110-0018 below or by email at [email protected]