Hong Kong Taxation

Hong Kong is one of the jurisdictions that are famous for its simple and low tax regime. There are mainly three types of taxes in Hong Kong: -

Profits Tax 16.5% for limited company
15% of sole proprietorship and partnership
Salaries Tax 15%
Property Tax 15%

There is no capital gain tax, GST, VAT, estate tax and withholding tax in Hong Kong. For more information about Hong Kong taxation, please visit www.ird.gov.hk

Profits Tax

Hong Kong adopts a territorial source principle of taxation. Only profits that have a source in Hong Kong are taxable.

If a Company would like to apply for “Offshore Claim”, please note that such application is subject to Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) approval and the company will have to provide details of the company’s operation and business records to substantiate its offshore claim. Please note that operating as “offshore” does not exempt the company from keeping proper accounting records and preparation of annual audited financial statement.

For more details about territorial principal of taxation, please refer to the Inland Revenue Department website for A Simple Guide on The Territorial Source Principle of Taxation.

Our Services

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